All Natural Cleaning for Home and Work!

With Pure Water Technology eco-organic provides a desirable alternative to harsh chemicals. So, take a few minutes to review the latest in our ecologically safe cleaning techniques.


Cleaning Glass.
How Does It Work?

When cleaning glass surfaces, we use low pressure water-fed poles with purified water and natural bristle brushes to safely remove dirt for a spotless streak free shine.

For interiors we use traditional methods - with one big exception - we call the Organic Advantage.



The Organic Advantage 

bulletWe use eco-friendly natural cleaning products
bulletNo harsh chemicals
bulletNo airborne contaminates
bulletNo artificial fragrances
bulletNo dirt attractants
bulletSafe for people, pets and plants

Why Our System is the Best

bulletWindows stay clean longer
bulletNo soap film to attract dirt
bulletNo more ladder hazards
bulletNo ropes or scaffolds
bulletNo damage to plants
bulletMore privacy for owners and tenants

Before Hiring Us

  1. We Are Insured? We carry one-million dollars of liability insurance.

  2. Professionals. Whether as individuals or a team. We are professionals and we have excellent references.

  3. Guarantee. We get your windows clean and the work gets done on time every time, or it's on us.








Contact Us:

Phone: 281-6275


Refer us to someone and we will give you $50.00.
The referral must be for a $250.00 job or more. We can apply the $50.00 to your next cleaning or send you a check. It's our way of showing appreciation for job referrals.







Regular Service

Glass that is not regularly cleaned will stain and mineralize. This leads to costly restoration or complete glass replacement.

We offer weekly and bi-monthly service routes for home and business.